Enterprise Dynamics
Van Gogh's first spraying line in the industry 


Optimize technical equipment, improve product quality




Our high-quality spraying production line





In July 2017, in order to further improve product quality and pursue higher product quality, our company has invested in the first high-quality, high-efficiency furniture coating production line, and once again wrote a new chapter in the quality of our products.

Spraying is one of the important production links of outdoor furniture manufacturing enterprises. High-efficiency and high-quality spraying technology can not only effectively guarantee product quality, but also improve the production efficiency of enterprises and realize automatic production of enterprises. At present, most enterprises in the outdoor furniture industry use manual spraying operations, which not only consumes a lot of manpower, but also the products are prone to granulation, whitening, unevenness, and foaming. By introducing a high-quality, high-efficiency furniture spraying production line, our company can not only effectively improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, but also produce high-quality and high-quality outdoor furniture products, provide technical equipment support, and strive to become the world's top outdoor furniture brand. .

Since its establishment in 2015, our company has always adhered to the principle of excellence, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, keeping up with the advanced technology and development characteristics of the outdoor furniture industry, constantly optimizing technical equipment, improving the management level and production capacity of enterprises, and making the company in a fierce market. In the competition, we always maintain good competitiveness and achieve rapid and stable development of the company.